Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Year!

This past week marked the 1st Anniversary of Zumba at B&J Skate Center.  The experience has been everything that I thought it would be and more!  The people that I have met, and friends I have made has truly been a blessing.  All along the way my mother (Barbara) has been by my side getting licensed with me, and we have certainly been enjoying the ride!

Thanks to my Dad (Jerry) and cousin (Mark) who keep things going in the back.  Special thanks to Dianna who continues to step in for any need we have at the rink for Zumba class!  Thanks also to Sara, Jennifer and all of the rest of the B&J staff for supporting the program!

Zumba is such a positive experience.  I don't know how anyone can do it, and not leave feeling so much better both physically and mentally.  Maybe we should make our politicians in congress, and world leaders take time out to do a class or two a week.  Hmmmm. 

Come try a class, and see for yourself.  You have nothing to lose except weight and inches.  Thanks to everyone who has attended one of my classes, and to those who continue to shake it with me!!

Here's to many more years of

Peace, Love & Zumba!!!

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