Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to my Zumba blog

Those who know me know that I have a passion for Zumba. How did this come about? Let me share my story with you.

I was very active and very involved in many things in High School; choir, Theatre, Basketball, Tennis and various other things in between. The High School years were awesome. When I went to college I began a slippery slope of keeping up with my eating, and forgetting about the exercise that I took for granted in my formative years. Thus, you guessed it; the weight came on and on and on. I just couldn’t believe I was having trouble fitting into my clothes!

Throughout the years after college my weight would flex up and down, and of course, after babies it was even harder. I managed to walk, and then run and even workout to videos with weights to try to keep it off. Most of the time, I did the workout just to work off the weight and not because I liked the workout itself. The running was really taking its toll, but it was the only way to keep the heart rate high enough to burn the fat.

I joined Weight Watchers. Not once, but twice. I am a Life Member now. One day at a meeting there was talk of Zumba. A Latin Dance based fitness. Hmmm, I thought, probably just another aerobics type class. Oh well, my Aunt really likes it so I’ll give it a try. Why not? If I didn’t like it I didn’t have to go back. You may be able to guess what happened, but I’ll explain anyway. HOOKED!!! The first song to the last was a blast, and I was sweating like nobody’s business. How can this be? Running never made me sweat this much. Can something I like so much, be such a great workout? I don’t have to run anymore, or make myself get up at the crack of dawn to do video/weight workouts? I can burn calories, and get toned with something that I love to do???

I went back again and again, and was always disappointed when it was over so fast. I wanted more! Wait a minute. I work at a skating rink that my parents own. Hey mom! Come check out Zumba with me. She did, and loved it as much as I did. Hmmm, We have times at the rink that we don’t skate. I wanted more and more Zumba…could I get licensed and teach? How many people could benefit from this the way we were benefiting? This was life-changing. Skating is a great heart-healthy exercise, and Zumba would fit right in at the rink.

Thus, my Mother and I became licensed Zumba instructors and in January 2010 started Zumba classes at B&J Skate Center. I now have 6 classes per week, and Zumbatomic for kids coming up September 10th!

So this is the start of my blog. The most interesting thing is not about how I started Zumba, it is the impact that Zumba has made on the lives of people who come to my classes. I want to share some of those stories here. Changing people’s lives for the better (and healthier) is really what it’s all about.


  1. Amy, I really enjoyed reading your blog! I'm so proud of you and how you are helping others. Keep up the good work!!

    Love conquers all
    Janis Bryant

  2. Your workout is awesome! B&J is such a great place for Zumba! Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious! I always feel so much better after Zumba!