Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aging and Exercise

My birthday is fast approaching which always give me pause to reflect.  Like I said last year, I have felt better in my 40's than my 20's or 30's.  What I have learned as I watched my grandparents age (even my great-grandparents) and my husband's grandparents to ripe ages of 88-93 is that they always kept moving.  They were always busy with volunteer work, taking care of grandchildren, walking...  It's when we stop moving that age catches up with us.  I just read an interesting article today in the paper about the aging of athletes, but it can apply to all of us.  Here is the link For athletes, aging can be a pain  One of the best things in the article is that you can start exercising at any age.  The benefits are always going to be there.

How do you want to age?  There are choices that a person can make to help them have a long, healthy life.  Personally, I want to be able to travel, enjoy my children and grandchildren, walk up and down steps, shop, and do everyday tasks without a lot of pain or stiffness.  At the end of the article there is a quote that says "if exercise were a pill, everyone would take it"  This is true because it's a quick fix.  Feel good in your skin and start moving.  (Zumba promo)  Zumba encompasses all ages, shapes and sizes.  Go in tired, come out feeling renewed.  It's that simple!

Move it, move it!!

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