Monday, April 30, 2012

Subconscious Mind - Positively Wonderful

I love double stuffed Golden Oreo cookies.  Milk is a bonus, but I could eat a whole package by myself!  This is why they are not allowed in my house.  Easy access to the wrong foods can really cause a tummy ache for me.  Sometimes when certain things are in sight we seem to trigger an unconscious or subconscious reaction in our brain.  Remember the saying, "out of sight, out of mind"?  Truly it is easier for me to suppress my craving for Golden Oreos when they are not in my sight.  Thus, I don't go down the cookie aisle at the store or if I do I turn my head when I get to that section (yes, it's that bad).  Trying to quit smoking?  It might help to get rid of the cigarettes.  Trying to quit drinking?  Keep the alcohol out of the house.  Negative thinkers need to stop hanging around negative people.

Our subconscious mind is always at work even it we don't know it.  Just like driving home from work, pulling in the drive and not remembering how you got back home because you were too busy thinking of other things. Your subconscious mind did it for you.  Even when I was supposed to stop somewhere else on the way home from work I have sometimes ended up home because I was thinking about other things and my subconscious took over for me.  (Thank goodness it knows how to drive!)

Just as bad things can trigger our subconscious so can good.  Walking by the gym might make you think of exercise or by a fruit plate or salad bar may trigger healthy eating habits.  I have seen signs above doors in locker rooms leading out onto a field or court that have positive "go get em" sayings.  There is a reason that The Biggest Loser TV show has pictures of previous contestants on the walls of the gym.  Success will breed success because whether we know it or not we will take on many attributes of our environment including written words or the people we surround ourselves with.

There is a woman in my Zumba class that keeps her punch cards when they are used up, and displays them on a portion of her wall at home.  It is a visual aid of how far she has come, and motivation to keep going.  What are you surrounding yourself with?  Do the people that you hang around pull you up or down?  What triggers can you display around your house to keep you moving toward your goals?  Your subconscious will pick up on these things even if you are not aware of it at the time.  Put some post it notes on your mirror that say success, happiness, enjoyment just as examples to put you in a better frame of mind in the mornings.  Arrange your kitchen to be a positive influence for you and your family.  Anything will work if it means something to you such as pictures, positive sayings or words.

I want to share this quote by Thomas Edison -

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

 Perhaps a few subconscious reminders will get you to your goals and success!

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